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Coffee Quiz Part 2: Are You a Coffee Expert?

Test your coffee knowledge with this fun quick quiz with Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love. Answer the bonus question for a chance to win a prize! Must be 18 years or older with a valid US shipping address. Click here for contest rules:

Quick Tip: Espresso Tips for Newbies

Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love share five quick tips for those of you new to home espresso brewing on a semi-automatic espresso machine. Shop everything coffee here:

New Brew: Gimme! Coffee

Delicious Gimme! Coffee blends and single origin coffees are now available at Whole Latte Love: Committed to quality, innovation, and sustainable business practices. Gimme! Coffee's direct relationship with Finca San Luis earned them the Good Food Award...

Quick Tip: Defining Espresso Drinks

The espresso field guide! Learn about the different sizes and styles of espresso beverages including Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Doppio, Lungo, Americano, Long Black and Red Eye. This video does not cover milk-based espresso drinks. Shop everything coffee here:

Introducing Gimme! Coffee

As an avid golfer, when I hear the word “Gimme” I immediately think to pick up my Titleist, skip the simple putt and mark my scorecard. As a coffee enthusiast, when I hear the word “Gimme” I think of one of the best hot cups of caffeinated deliciousness on the market....

Dosing and Doserless Grinders

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! In a similar vein to my last blog where I talked a bit about the difference between single and double shot baskets, I figured today I’d cover another more technically aligned topic suggest to me by Kathy. Recently, she’s gotten a few emails asking about...

Are You Pulling Single Shots?

Hi, everyone. Happy Thursday! I look for all kinds of inspiration, when I write my blogs and, today, I decided I’d take some time to write about a topic mentioned to me by Kathy, our senior technician. I’ll be getting into the differences between single and double shots of espresso....

Coffee Drinkers Per Capita

In a recent article posted over at Gizmodo, they put together a nice graphic that included 80 countries, outlining their coffee consumption per capita and ranking them from highest to lowest. You might be thinking “I suppose I drink as much coffee as the next guy,” but wouldn’t...

Quick Tip: Espresso Misconceptions

Do you know espresso? In this Quick Tip we set the record straight on 3 common misconceptions: What is espresso, is it bitter and which has more caffeine: espresso or drip coffee? The answers may surprise you. Shop everything coffee here:

Quick Tip: How to Create Crema

Looking for that creamy, golden layer of crema? Here are some quick tips on how to create crema when brewing espresso. Lavazza Super Crema: Malabar Gold:

Quick Tip: Amount of Coffee to Put in a Portafilter

Learn how much coffee to put in your portafilter when making a single or double shot of espresso. Shop everything coffee here:

Quick Tip: Golden Rule of Espresso Brewing

Use the Golden Rule for better espresso extractions. Whole Latte Love shows you the basics in this quick video. For the full length video click here:

Quick Tip: Amount of Coffee to Put in a Portafilter

Learn how much coffee to put in your portafilter when making a single or double shot of espresso. Shop everything coffee here:

Tailgating Must Haves - Are You Ready For Some Coffee?

With football season in full swing, we’ve got your tailgating coffee essentials covered. Whether you’re heading to the stadium or are simply on the go, you’ll be able to prepare your own beverages with little hassle. In the Car Pack the Handpresso Auto, Outdoor Set, and ESE pods for hot...

Enter Our Twitter Contest - Retweet to Win A Gaggia Classic

It's the first day of summer and we're starting the season with a week-long contest on Twitter. The prize is a brand-new Gaggia Classic. Named a Consumer Digest “Best Buy” in 2011, this semi-automatic machine has a devoted following among espresso enthusiasts. If you're ready to brew, follow...

Drinks Decoded - What Your Coffee Habits Say About You

In an age when everyone seems to be an armchair psychologist, everything from your choice of vegetables to seating preference is subject to scrutiny. Why should beverage selection be exempt? In their book, The You Code: What Your Habits Say About You, James Moore and Judi James attempt psycho...

Single-Serve Coffee Cups and Capsules Go Eco-Friendly

Ask the experts and many of them will tell you the same thing: the single-serve coffee category is hotter than freshly brewed java. Fueled by convenience, the time-saving system that lets users prepare drinks by the cup is gaining popularity worldwide. Yet, since their inception, single-serve...

The Local Gourmet: Rochester Coffee Roaster Among Finalists in 2013 Good Food Awards

The results of this year’s Good Food Awards were a pleasant surprise for us Rochester, NY residents, with our very own Joe Bean Coffee Roasters’  Nicaragua Don Roger direct trade coffee being selected as one of 15 finalists in the coffee category. For those of you who didn’t know, the Good...