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Question by Rosa (Rose) L.

I am considering the purchase of the Commercial Expobar Athenea for my home when I remodel and make my espresso bar . I am planning and assume that I do need to run a water line to the machine for constant water supply with this beautiful machine? I can hardly wait to own one!

How To Choose An Espresso Machine

If you would like to know a little about the many types of espresso machines we sell, this would be a good video to get you started. This video covers the machines we sell and based on your lifestyle, what you like to drink, and ease of use. It will give you an overview of different espresso...

Question by Glenn D.

Can Expobar machines use espresso Pods? How do they compare to other semi-auto untis in the same price range? I have looked at so many yet I'm about as clear as mud. I'm an engineer so like what I've read, but just want a little better opinion from the experts who sell so many different types of...

Question by Nigel G.

I just have a question regarding my espresso machine. The coffee that comes out of the machine is not that hot. Is there anyway I can control the temperature? Or should I leave the machine switched on for longer period before I use it? I usually switch it on for 5 minutes, make a latte and switch...

Question by Dolores J.

I have an expobar commercial machine which I purchased from you a couple of years ago and it leaks when the espresso is forced through.

Question by Chris R.

I have an Expobar Athenea Espresso Machine and the Eagle that goes on top broke its wing. Is there anyway to get a new topper?

Question by Steven R.

It has been taking longer to froth a pitcher of milk lately. A thermometer in a cup of water from the porta filter indicates only about 180 degrees. Do I need to increase the temperature and if so, how?

Question by Patrick B.

How do i remove the shower screen to clean it.

Question by David T.

I have a problem with my espresso machine. When I try to turn it on, it immediately trips the GFI switch on the outlet. I occasionally have to reset an interior switch in the machine, but this is a different problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Question by Aaron S.

I bought my Expobar from you about two years ago. Lately, I've noticed that when pulling a shot, water is leaking out where the portafilter meets the brew head. The only way to avoid this is to crank the portafilter in really hard to the right. Even so, the problem seems to be getting worse. ...

Question by Daniel M.

Should I be removing the filter basket every day from the portafilter for thorough cleaning? How do you easily do this given how secure it fits...is this what the stubby flat screwdriver i see mentioned is for?

Question by Candace S.

I love the design, but how functional is this product for my home?

Question by KARL W.

I own an Expobar espresso machine. The power and heating light are both on, water is in the reservoir, yet no heat.

Question by herb d.

on the expobar, what is the size of the group head?

Question by Anthony P.

Where can I purchse the attachment to brew ONLY one cup of espresso?? I press one cup but the coffee still comes out of both nosels. Do you have an attachment with just one?

Question by rich c.

Can the entire top "dome" (not just the eagle) be removed from the Expobar Athenea in order for the machine to sit on a counter underneath an upper cabinet? If so, how tall will the machine then be?

Question by rich c.

How tall is the Expobar Athenea when the eagle is removed? It appears that it's 30" tall with the eagle, is this correct?