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Bottomless Portafilter

I have a Bottomless Portafilter from my now-retired Brewtus II. Will I be able to use it with the Brewtus IV-R? Thanks, AverageJo

Quick Tips: Choosing a Portafilter

What should you be looking for in a portafilter? Watch this video for some quick tips when making a buying decision. Shop portafilters and more coffee & espresso accessories here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/accessories.cfm

Question by Joel L.

Where are the baskets to purchase for this?

Question by Rachel T.

What size basket comes with this? A double or single?

Question by Oscar R.

Is this compatible with Breville BES900XL?

Question by Jim B.

How thick are the two tabs/wings on the portafilter? I have an E61 machine, but the tabs are only 5mm thick on mine where most E61's are 7mm thick. I can't turn the filter in the group head when they're 7mm thick. Thanks!