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Question by CATHERINE M.

My machine is less than a year old and the lever just started squeaking and is becoming a bit stiff. Is there a lubricant you would recommend?

Question by Roy L.

I very recently received my new Brewtus IV and the booklet describes the method of re-activating the water filter sponge by using a tube as a siphon for the flow of salt water as a re-activating agent. Where does the rubber tubing come from? I doubt the idea is to disassemble the Brewtus' water...

Question by Roy L.

I just ordered a Brewtus IV and I'm looking forward to it's arrival. I've learned of the importance of descaling on previous machines. My Brooklyn, NY water isn't very hard (50ppm), but I believe descaling by non- professionals is discouraged with this model. What's the story, is this a...

Question by Steve M.

Why is reverse osmosis purified water not recommended for this machine? The literature recommends tap water over r/o water. Thanks.

Espresso Brewing - Science or Art? Part Two

The Coffee Grinder – we have discussed coffee grinders here in the past and defined what a weight measuring coffee grinder can do. Now I’m going to tell you a seldom revealed astonishing fact; the quality of the coffee grinder directly affects the taste and crema of the espresso! For...

Expobar Brewtus IV Review

What I Like About The Brewtus Double Boiler The Brewtus has a double boiler. What this means is you have one boiler for steam and another boiler for brewing espresso. The great thing about a double boiler is it gives you great temperature stability for brewing espresso. It is interesting to...

Pre-infusion on the Expobar Brewtus IV

If you are curious about the pre-infusion feature available on Expobar Brewtus IV machines, then this is one video you shouldn’t miss. I’ll go into detail about how pre-infusion works and what makes it such a great feature for espresso lovers.

A Semi-Automatic Machine for Every Price Range

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes extended daylight hours. If you've been cooped up all winter, now is the time to take advantage of the longer days. To make sure you get the most of your spring days, we're back with our picks of solid espresso machines sure to give you...

The fourth-generation Expobar Brewtus machines

The fourth-generation Expobar Brewtus machines are new, here at Whole Latte Love, and we've got your exclusive first look. There are three models, in total, the Brewtus IV-R, Brewtus IV, and Brewtus IV-P. If you’re curious about this line and want to find out what the similarities and differences...