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Electrical problem with my Expobar Control

We've had our control for 18 months.  The buttons get 'out of control' from time to time, with the lights randomly flashing on and off and even a shot being pulled without our initiating it.  In the past just unplugging it for a few minutes reset it and we were on...

Question by Pauline L.

I love my old Expobar Office Control (?circa 2003) but I am afraid it has finally died. I hope to revive it with some parts and care if possible. When turned on, it no longer heats up and the pump does not make it's lovely priming sound. Oh, and the program buttons haven't worked in about a year...

Question by Charles H.

I need a new reservoir cover for my 10 year old office control. Has anyone found one??

Question by James G.

I have had my expobar office for about 4 years. I am having a problem with the steam. It is sending a large amount of water out before it will get the steam going. Approximately a full cup of water. Any ideas?

Expobar Office Control and Office Pulser

See the Expobar Office Control and Office Pulser in action. In this video, I'll take an Expobar apart and show the internals to give you a feel for what it can do and why it is such a great value. You'll also get to know Expobar's version of the E61 brew group and how it compares with the...

Question by Kari S.

I'm curious, what's the difference between the Expobar Lever and Control machines?

Question by Jessica L.

I have filled the tank and let the machine try to fill at least 6 times now and it still is not filling. Both tubes are in the bottom of the tank. What is wrong?

Question by andrew s.

The thermostat on my Office Control is very temperamental. How easy is to replace or adjust?

Question by John C.

I have the EXPOBAR Office Control machine. It's about two years old. (It has been a great machine!!!) Problem is, I can't find my owners manual. I need to re-program the some of the flow buttons. Can you tell me where I can get a replacement manual?

Question by Andrew E.

If the Expobar is not going to be used for a week, should the reservoir be drained or any other maintenance done?

Question by Frank L.

What water temperature should this machine brew at? I've read that around 199-203 degrees F. is best.

Question by Benjamin C.

I'd just got my Expobar Office Control. Is that normal that the brew group is very tight? I can't get it turn all the way to 6 o'clock position as your supplement instruction has suggested. I also have a hard time to turn it loose after the coffee brewing.