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Bottomless Portafilter

I have a Bottomless Portafilter from my now-retired Brewtus II. Will I be able to use it with the Brewtus IV-R? Thanks, AverageJo

Are You Pulling Single Shots?

Hi, everyone. Happy Thursday! I look for all kinds of inspiration, when I write my blogs and, today, I decided I’d take some time to write about a topic mentioned to me by Kathy, our senior technician. I’ll be getting into the differences between single and double shots of espresso....

Question by Carolyn L.

Can the Expobar Brewtus 11 be plumbed for exterior water source? How about the Expobar Office Lever?

Question by Kevin H.

Is this the correct gauge for an Expobar Brewtus 3?

Question by Anthony F.

Could you please send pic's of the actual machine and close ups of any scratches. How old is the machine?What did you refurbish?

Question by Miguel R.

when will be available?

Question by Miguel R.

when will be available?

Question by Kaikun Q.

Is the refurbished model same as the newly upgraded one? Or just the old model?

Question by bill h.

What size and type of fitting is on the end?