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Question by steve m.

Where can I get parts for the machine?

Question by Logan L.

I have had my x1 for about 2 years, last night for the first time I made a single shot with out the tamper / screen in place. Do I have to use that device?.

Question by Barb L.

I just purchased the X1. I wasn't aware that the standard for use is the pods. If I were to go at this the old-fashioned way with grinds, how much do I use? In other words, what is the equivalent of a 7 gram pod to a scoop or scoops of ground espresso beans?

Question by eliot C.

The milk steaming arm is clogged. how can I clean it?

Question by lynda r.

I loved my Francis but it appears to be drawing too much power. In fact, it trips the breaker on my GFI switch when plugged into the electrical outlet. I am tiring of my daily espresso trips to the coffee shop. What do you suggest I do to get my machine back in good working order?

Question by mike m.

We purchased an X1 several years ago and have enjoyed many and various types of espresso drinks. However recently it began to leak at the seal between the unit and the pod filter only when brewing ground, not ESE pods. While the simple solution would be to stick w/ pods, we do enjoy the...

Question by Donna E.

Is this a commercial grade machine for example, a drive-thru business? If not, do you have any that are for that type of functionality?

Question by Dario V.

My temperature gauge goes completely off the scale when I put my new X1 on, is it faulty?

Question by marco r.

the coffe basket on my Francis X1 sticks to the machine for about ten minutes after i make a cup of espresso and release the handle.

Question by Samuel C.

My X1 has stopped producing steam from the spout. The lights work OK, the temperature is adequate (well in the red), and steam can even be made to issue from the espresso gruppo, but nothing from the steam spout. Machine is 2 years old. We have never used tap water, only distilled water, so...

Question by Emily B.

This question regards the amount of time it takes to make a cup of esspresso. I know that it should take 20-25 seconds to make 2-2.5 ounces of esspresso. However, when I turn my Francis X1's pump on, it takes about 8 seconds before actual coffee starts streaming in to my cup. Then by the time...

Question by j g.

The water that comes out of the espresso part (but not the steam wand) is cloudy, and white sediment rests at the bottom if I let it drip into a cup (without portafilter attached).

Question by Alice T.

I like a 6 - 8 oz. cup of cafe crema. With the Francis X1, do I have to perform brewing twice to get this large a cup of strong crema coffee?