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Question by Laura M.

We need a black replacement gasket for the portafilter for our Francis Francis x5...where can we buy one?

Question by Stacy M.

I have accidentally thrown away 2 of the baskets for using the Illy espresso pods. How can I purchase replacements?

Question by armando m.

Before making espresso, I run at least one cup of water (espresso) before making an espresso. I am noticing with the handle and filter in appropriate position (without espresso or a pod) that water seems to burst out the sides instead of flowing down the center of the filter and spout handle....

Question by Nick K.

I use illy fine grind and tamp it with at least 30 pounds of pressure, but the coffee comes out too fast. About 14 seconds for a double shot. I time it from when espresso hits the cup. Should I start counting from time the pump starts or when espresso drips? Should i send it in for repair or am I...

Question by Joe L.

I am trying to buy a tamp for my Francis X5 - do you have the size of the X5's portafilter?

Question by Kurt N.

Hopefully someone here can help -- I have a FrancisFrancis! x5 that I use mostly with ground coffee. Unfortunately, it requires the use of a tamper whose screen is left on top of the portafilter/ground coffee unit when the coffee is made. Is it possible to purchase one of the tamper/filter...

Question by Beth R.

can you fix these machines yourself and if so, how do you get the parts?

Question by Michael A.

What is the average time it takes for the water to reach correct temperature? I assume the light will go off - WHEN achieving the correct temp?

Question by peter b.

should the machine be powered completely down, using the switch on the back, when not in use?