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New Brew: La Cafetière French Presses & More

For over 50 years, La Cafetière has been designing and redesigning french presses and coffee accessories. Only the most modern and chic designs are taken into consideration for any La Cafetière line, and designers from around the world add their expertise to each new product. Shop La...

The French Press

There are all kinds of ways to brew coffee, some I’ve experimented with, and some that I have yet to try. With specialty coffee becoming more and more prevalent in America, there’s been a branching out of brewing methods, as baristas embrace more unique approaches to preparing coffee....

Question by Edward W.

Will you be carrying the new 44oz model (in mirror and brushed stainless steel finish)?

Question by Edward W.

Is the 8 cup(35 fl oz) available in a brushed stainless steel exterior finish?

Question by Stephen M.

How is this different than a regular French press? I the only difference the capacity (51 oz.)?

Camping With Coffee

Deep in the woods, the stars above, and the hard ground underneath. Yes, my friends, it's that time of year again. When we throw ourselves at nature's mercy, risking exposure, bear attacks, and poor cell reception in the name of character-building outdoorsy fun. That's right, it's time, yet...

Surviving Summer: Cold Brew With the Aeropress

Hi everyone, I came across an Aeropress in our kitchen and decided to mess around with it. With weather pretty much having gone from winter and straight into summer, it's gotten rather hot lately. After seeing a post on Reddit about cold brewing with the Aeropress, I decided that I would give it...

New From Bodum!

I'm always excited when I get to write about new items, which is why I was really jazzed, this week, when we got some new stuff from Bodum. First are a pair of new pair of French presses, the Crema and the Eileen.The elegant Crema is a classic example of Bodum's intelligent and...

Question by Michael K.

I recently ordered the AeroPress. It should be arriving today and I am very excited because I've read such great feedback. My question or perhaps statement is, this device makes a concentrated coffee in which you add water to make it like a regular cup of coffee or something similar to an...

It's Press Time!

Since my co-workers are so much more adept at testing espresso machines, I took the opportunity to try brewing a cup of Americano coffee using the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. I have been intrigued with press-brewing coffee for several years now after first watching my friend Tracy...

Question by Diana

I am trying to decide on size (fl oz). If typically for daily use, the 4 cup would work nicely, but would want to break out the pot for company, would a larger pot produce as good a brew for a smaller amount? Many thanks.

Espro 10 Cup French Press: What's Brewing #17

Buy it here: Widely celebrated as one of the industry's best presses, this patent-pending model from Espro produces clean, flavorful and aromatic coffee using a unique set of micro-filters. Once the coffee grounds and water have been steeped...

NEW Espro Coffee Press: What's Brewing #11

Buy here: Morgan and Mark take a look at the new Espro Coffee Press. At first glance, the Espro 3-Cup Coffee Press makes a commanding statement, thanks its shiny stainless-steel construction. At first taste, this innovative French press...

Quick Look at the Espro Press

This press pot aims to give you French Press flavor without the sediment.