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The Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine

Closer Look at this Super-Automatic.Further proof that good things come in small packages, the Gaggia Brera is a fully equipped super-automatic espresso machine with a compact footprint that will leave you with plenty of counter space. The Italian-made Brera has been thoughtfully designed to maximize user convenience with maximum control.Take a look at the Gaggia Brera Silver and the Gaggia Brera Black.

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Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine: What's Brewing #61

Closer Look at This Super-AutomaticThe Gaggia Brera is a fully equipped super-automatic espresso machine with the ability to change aroma, strength, volume, and more! Check out the Gaggia Brera in Silver and the a href="" target="_new">Gaggia Brera Black

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The Skinny on Frothing: Foam Quality and Calorie Content of Milk

Frothing milk is a tricky business. Much like brewing espresso, there are a number of factors and techniques to consider when trying to create the perfect microfoam. While we've made tutorials and videos outlining the steps to making a good cappuccino or latte, we've never really addressed the subject of frothing with different kinds of milk... until now. Today was an exciting day as we assembled participants for an event that came to be dubbed the "Froth Off." Assembling...

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Tech Tips: Fixing a Gaggia Brera Dredge Drawer

If the dredge drawer of your Gaggia Brera will not fully insert this video shows you how to fix the problem. Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine:

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Gaggia Brera Tech Tips: Brew Group Removal and Install

Todd from Whole Latte Love shows you how to remove the brew group of a Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine and how to put it back in. Gaggia Brera Espresso Machines:

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Gaggia Brera Tech Tips: Brew Group Deep Clean Maintenance

Learn how to deep clean the brew group on a Gaggia Brera super-automatic espresso machine. This video also covers replacing the O-ring in the brew group. The Gaggia Brew Group Service Kit used in the video is available here: Urnez Cafiza Cleaner used in the video:

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Gaggia Brera Tech Tips: How To Remove a Stuck Brew Group

Learn the procedure for a removing a brew group which is stuck in the machine. Once removed, you will learn how to cycle the machine so the brew group can be re-inserted. This problem can occur when the machine loses power during a brewing cycle. Gaggia Brera Espresso Machines:

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Gaggia Brera Tech Tips: Basic Maintenance

Learn about basic maintenance for the Gaggia Brera super-automatic espresso machine. Topics covered include: Frothing wand, descaling, brew group, bean hopper, water reservoir and drip tray. For additional detail see these videos: Descaling Automatic: Frothing Wand:

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