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Gaggia Lubricant usage

My Titanium is just over a year old w/ a couple thousand shots poured and I have not been able to fully understand where and how to apply the lubricant.  I can't see any zerts and the instructions are so vague I am not confident where to place the oil.  It is running fine, just want...

Gaggia Lubricant usage

I have a Titanium and have never lubricated the brew group...I can't not figure out WHERE to do so.  The manual is extremely vague and I do not want to do anything to jeapordize my morning espresso.  Do not have any problems, but I am pushing 4k shots and probably need to do this...

Question by Rocky T.

Hi! I have the Gaggia Titanium and the LCD screen fogs up with steam after making the espresso. Can you please tell what to do to stop this as I am afraid that this is going to short out my circuit board.

Question by Kareem A.

Do the O rings fit a Gaggia Espresso Pure machine? Can I just buy the O rings separately?