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Tips for disassembling stuck Gaggia Classic boiler?

I have the boiler out of machine, but the 4 allen-head bolts holding top & bottom together are locked tight. I've gotten them out before, but this time is much worse. I've used WD40, BlasterPB, no luck. Bearing down with more force is causing the bolt head to begin to crack allen...

descaling solution

how much should I dilute the descaling solution?


how much should I dilute the descaler


how much should I dilute the descaler


Hello, do you have this model or another gaggia machine that it works with a 220V? I'm from Chile and I'm very interested in this model or somthing similar, but I have de voltage compatibility problem (here we use 220V). I really appreciate any suggestion. Thanks!

Does this unit have a 17.5 bar pump or 15 bar ?

Hello, is this the model:  14101 ?   in your specs it states that it has a 15 bar pump. in other places they say 17.5 bar pump, can you please confirm the bar preassure of the pump ?   Awaiting yours, Best regards,     Gianfranco

is the pump 17.5 bar or 15 bar ?

Hello,     Is this the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel with the 17-1/2-bar pump with high-voltage boiler; ?   Awaiting yours, Best regards,     Gianfranco  

Shots pulling SLOW!

Hello, we have a Gaggia Clasic that we have been using for about 13 months.  Here within the last month it seems to pressure to make the shots has decreased dramatically to the point where it barely drips out.  We had not changed the grind or anything when this started so when it...


Hello, Is there a possibility to place a water filter in the gaggia classic's water reservoir.  Thank You Nandor

Low pressure on Gaggia Classic?

Hi, for some strange reason, It seems that my Gaggia Classic suddendly lost pressure... I poured a shot early morning and everything went right. I tried to pour another shot a couple of hours ago and suddendly pressure was much lower. Grinding in the second shot was actually a little coarser (I...

Gaggia Classic tamp pressure?

The Gaggia instructions state 30lbs tamp for the pressurized basket but only light tamp for the unpressurized basket.  Do you agree with that technique?

Espresso Machines - Best of 2013

Marc and Morgan take a look at a few of their favorite espresso machine videos from the past year. From the entry level semi-auto Gaggia Color to the ultimate fully automatic Jura Giga 5, there's a machine for every budget and lifestyle. Get a quick look at the machines and use the links within...

Removing frozen shower holder assembly

I tried to clean the brew group the other day and unfortunately the aluminum shower holder assembly was frozen in place and would not come out no matter how hard my efforts.  I decalcify about every 3 months using the Gaggia Decalcifying solution.  Any tips on how to remove the shower...

Descaling product for Classic

On your web site you recommend Cleancaf for descaling the Classic. You even have a video that uses Cleancaf on the Classic. Yet in the product description for Cleancaf, your web site says NOT to use Cleancaf on aluminum boilers. But the Classic does have an aluminum boiler. In that case, it seems...

Question by j.l. s.

ai have a gaggia classic that when making expresso just as much water comes through the frothing wand as the portofilther,what is my problem,and how do i fix it.

Machine Comparison: Gaggia Classic vs Gaggia Color Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love compare two of the most popular home semi-automatic machines: the Gaggia Classic vs. Gaggia Color. Find out the differences and which machine is best for you! Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine: Gaggia...

Question by Jose G.

How much would it cost me to buy the Classic with the Silvia wand installed.

Question by Jose G.

Is the Classic you sell, made in Italy? Thks