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Does this fit the Saeco Poemia?

Does this fit the Saeco Poemia?

Does this fit the Saeco Minuto?

Does this fit the Saeco Minuto?

Quick Tip: Troubleshooting Auto-Frothing Steam Wands

Auto-frothing steam wands make it easy to create froth for a cappuccino or latte. Here are some quick tips to help you get the best performance from your auto-frothing steam wands. Shop everything coffee here:

Gingerbread Cookie Latte

Morgan shows you how to make a Gingerbread Cookie Latte on a semi-automatic espresso machine. Learn how to create steamed milk for a latte using the Gaggia Classic and Espro Torid Pitcher. Gaggia Classic: Espro Torid Pitcher:...

Question by Robert W.

Will this pannarello wand work on the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up? Would it be an improvement over the stock pannarello wand that came with the unit?

Question by Jimmy G.

Can I use it for SAECO Poemia?

Question by Stephen M.

Has anyone had luck doing latte art with Gaggia latte art steam wand?

Question by Brian S.

Will this fit a Gaggia Brera?

Question by Eleni S.

Hi. I purchased this in December of 2012 and it works great. However, at this point there seems to be a plastic coating on the outer want that is starting to peel off. Is this typical? Thanks.

Question by Rafael M.

Will this fit the Saeco Aroma?

Question by Syamil N.

Does it fit into a Delonghi ec155?

Question by Syamil N.

Does it fit into a Delonghi ec155?

Question by Philip D.

Hi, so I recently purchased this from you guys for my old espresso gaggia 16002 ( ) and am having some trouble fitting this attachment. I assumed after reading all the other questions, that it would...

Question by Paul W.

Will this work on a Saeco Synthia that has a steam wand?

Question by Reva M.

Hi, I currently have the stainless steel panarello wand and I am having some trouble with control of microfoam (getting mostly big bubbles). Would the plain wand inside the sleeve of this wand be better for making microfoam?

Question by Pete V.

I just received my wand and noticed a horizontal line on the wand about an inch from the bottom. Is this a depth mark of some kind? I searched the videos for instructions on how to use this particular wand but no luck. Would you have some tips?

Question by Richard K.

Thank you, but...quote: "If it has a bare metal steam arm and shipped with a removable plastic frothing wand, this will work". Sorry I am a little slow, though I am sure my Classic is not that old, it has a bare metal steam arm with a permanent metal collar with o-ring seal and a...

Question by Richard K.

Will this fit an older Gaggia Classic. I looked at the video and my wand is different. Thanks!