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Gaggia MDF or something else?

Hi all. We are looking for some buying advice. We are considering the Gaggia MDF grinder, but also the Breville Smart, and Baratza Virtuoso Preciso (possibly refurb). We will use the grinder almost exclusively for espresso. We have a Gaggia Baby we got from WLL last month. (not to make it more...

Popular Home Use Coffee Grinders

Morgan and Marc help guide you through picking a coffee grinder. Features of 6 popular grinders are reviewed. Whether you're looking for an entry-level grinder or semi-professional, they have a recommendation for you. Baratza Encore:...

Question by Anis K.

I re-calibrated my Gaggia MDF last week-end so that 1 matches a notch over 0 (when Burrs touch). I am only able to get a good espresso grind with setting 2. I hear the recommended setting is "6" and I just don't understand how it is possible to get a decent espresso grind with that...

Question by Pete M.

Hello. My MDF doser lever spring broke. Two questions, is the spring part available from WLLL, and does WLL have instructions on how to replace the spring? Thanks...

Gaggia Brand by Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love brings you a close and personal look at the Gaggia Brand. Italian pioneer Achille Gaggia has been hailed as the Father of the Modern Espresso Machine. He was driven by passion and inspiration, and the current developers at Gaggia are no different. Their dedication to their...

Question by philip f.

how much beans should i grind for 2 shots of espresso on the MDF grinder, I just dont want to leave extra coffee in the doser. I have a gaggia classic.

Question by Jason F.

plugged a gaggia mdf which I bought from whole latte love during thanksgiving with 110V into a 220V socket and I suspect that fuse may have blown. please help, new machine that i hope to repair myself.

Gaggia MDF Grinder

One of my personal favorites...the Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder. Learn everything from grinding for espresso or drip coffee to cleaning the burrs and adjusting the grind settings. Enjoy!

Gaggia MDF: Tips and Tricks Part 1 - Grind Settings

As a third-year owner of a Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder, I'd like to share a few of my not-so-secret tips for using this machine. Since this machine has 34 settings, I'll save you quite a bit of time (and coffee) and say that the best grind setting for espresso is going to be right around a...