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No steam

My used gaggia new baby has suddenly stopped producing steam . When it stopped producing steam I descaled the machine , cleaned the brew head and even fitted a new steam thermostat . Nothing I have done will overcome the problem . Can anyone advise me where to look next ?

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by: Frederick Allan Jones (♥0) | Aug 07, 2014

New Baby brew and steam plumbing

I have two questions about the New Baby. 1. On which side of the boiler is the brew pump? Does the pump pump cold ot hot water? 2. What does the the steam button control besides the steam temp heater? Does it rearrange the plumbing circuits as well?

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by: Hal (♥0) | Jun 13, 2014

Steam Wand

When I use the steam wand, I find myself frothing milk for a very long time (over 5 minutes) before I see any foam developing or even get the milk warm enough. I noticed that initially when I open the knob, water comes out (normal) and then it becomes strong steam but after keeping it open...

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by: mauricio27 (♥0) | May 23, 2014

New at espresso making

I just got my Gaggia New Baby espresso machine yesterday. I am a complete amateur and I know I have no clue at what I'm doing but I'm hoping you can help me with the following questions:  - When doing the first brewing flush, should the filter be in the portafilter? Does the...

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by: mauricio27 (♥0) | May 22, 2014

tamping with Gaggia New Baby

I just received my Gaggia New Baby and it came with some updated instructions for redesigned filter baskets and a little doodad that helps the crema. I've used the pressurized portafilters in past machines (Barista's and such) and was looking for something more traditional.  In...

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by: Tom Khazoyan (♥0) | Dec 30, 2013

Evolution or Baby?

I'm looking to get either the Gaggia Evo or the Baby for my husband for Christmas. Not sure which one to get. How do they compare? This will be our first but he is very familiar with espresso machines. The only "requirement" is that they be compatible with both grounds and...

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by: sarai0325 (♥0) | Dec 11, 2013

Question by William R.

I was considering getting the New Baby after owning a Carezza for about 7 years. Is the New Baby and upgrade over the Carezza, or would I just be wasting my money?

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by: William (♥10) | May 08, 2013

Question by James D.

I am real confused. Do not know if the little black thingy should be in and what screen to use with ground coffee?

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by: James (♥0) | Apr 23, 2013

Question by Lee S.

Will the New Baby do well with a bottomless portafilter? I want to pair it with a grinder in the $250-280 range, and I already roast my own beans.

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by: coffeelee (♥0) | Apr 18, 2013

Question by Robert P.

New Baby arrived last night, been playing with it ever since. I've frothed milk gloriously, and I've practiced my tamping pressure with scale and all. I have espresso leaking from the handle side of my portafilter. I've considered the manuals troubleshooting guide and I suppose it's possible...

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by: AlabamaBob (♥5) | Mar 29, 2013

Gaggia Brand by Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love brings you a close and personal look at the Gaggia Brand. Italian pioneer Achille Gaggia has been hailed as the Father of the Modern Espresso Machine. He was driven by passion and inspiration, and the current developers at Gaggia are no different. Their dedication to their...

Question by Beth H.

Between this and the Saeco Via Venezia which would you suggest overall?

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by: Beth (♥5) | Feb 17, 2013

Question by theresa g.

i am buying a new baby machine what access do i need to start

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by: theresa (♥15) | Feb 06, 2013

Question by Melinda W.

Amend to former question - If I had only read more carefully! I think I see now that commercial means non-pressurized. Right?

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by: Melinda (♥10) | Dec 24, 2012

Question by Melinda W.

I apologize if this question has already been asked. Does this machine come with only pressurized baskets? If so, do you offer a non pressurized basket for sale (and which one specifically should I chose)? Thank you!

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by: Melinda (♥10) | Dec 24, 2012

Question by Miriam A.

I just bought my husband the Gaggia New Baby Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine, what type of coffee do I need to buy to go along with this machine?

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by: Miriam (♥5) | Dec 18, 2012

Gaggia Classic, Baby Class and New Baby

We receive numerous calls from customers asking the same question, “What is the difference between the Gaggia Classic, Baby Class and New Baby?” Well in response to this question we have created a video showing you the similarities and the differences of these three machines.

By Mike
Gaggia New Baby Espresso Machine

With its great styling and formidable brewing ability, the Gaggia New Baby is the perfect machine for home use. Sure to impress, this machine has a commercial-style brew group, along with 3-way solenoid valve. It is also equipped with a Panarello steam wand for easy steaming and frothing. Check...