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Question by Jeff R.

Hello, I purchased a Gaggia Platinum Vision on 2/28/13 and have taken care of it according to the manual using Gaggia Decalcificante and Gaggia Coffee Clean. This morning a pool of water ends up on the counter and no espresso or coffee comes out of the spout. I can get hot water from the wand...

Question by Janice H.

We just un-boxed our new Gaggia Platinum Vision. I am concerned with the steam knob. It feels loose and is quite wobbly. Is this normal?

The Gaggia Platinum Vision

Because the Gaggia Platinum Vision espresso machine isn't about getting what you need—it's about getting what you want, and what you deserve. As you choose and program your beverage using the black and white touch screen, remember this: luxury is the true heart of espresso. The Gaggia Platinum...

Question by Nenad K.

I have a new unit that was working great until just now. When I press the espresso/coffee/or long coffee shot button on the screen, the unit goes through all the machinations but water comes out at steam tube. Any suggestions?

Gaggia Platinum Vision Review

Gaggia Platinum Vison Review Things I like About This Product: Touch Screen Display Extremely intuitive and makes for very easy programming and initial set up. Also makes the machine very easy for guests to use. I suggest programming the first cup as a double shot of espresso, the second...