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No luck with pods on my Gaggia Baby

I can't get pods to work at all with my Gaggia Baby. I use Lavazza ESE pods. I can't see any logo on the pods, so I assume it doesn't matter which side is up. I use the single-shot pressurized basket and I make sure I have the defuser in the portafilter. I give the portafilter an...

Question by Stefano M.

I purchased this basket and I used with the suggested quantity of about 7 grams. The problem is that using the 58mm tamper it seems that I don't tamp properly in the center. Do I have to use a smaller tamper?

Question by Mick L.

I assume that this particular item is a traditional (i.e. non-pressurized) single shot basket. Do traditional filter baskets generally produce better brew than pressurized ones?