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Quick Tips: Choosing a Portafilter

What should you be looking for in a portafilter? Watch this video for some quick tips when making a buying decision. Shop portafilters and more coffee & espresso accessories here:

Quick Tip: Amount of Coffee to Put in a Portafilter

Learn how much coffee to put in your portafilter when making a single or double shot of espresso. Shop everything coffee here:

Question by James K.

Hello, I am using the Gaggia Portafilter w/Chrome Double-Spout on my older Gaggia (Baby mod.77). I received the portafilter today 26Aug2013 and tried it one time with the included pressure filter basket and diffuser. The results were not acceptable as the crema was overly bubbly with much larger...

Question by zvi f.

Greetings, I own a Gaggia Carezza and i've noticed that my portafilter (Portafilter with dual plastic spouts , #8301005000) is leaking - probably because the plastic has one nice crack... After reading all the Q&A here, i assume that i can purchase the metal-one and it will fit my Carezza (i...

Question by Jose G.

Will I need the 58mm tamper for this portafilter?

Question by Mark S.

Just bought this to replace the original on my 5 year old Classic; the handle on the original cracked. The new portafilter is a bit different: the basket only has holes in the central area and has a small plastic insert under it that fits in the spout. The original had holes across the entire...

Question by Nancy E.

I need to replace my portafilter to my gaggia classic. I think the original is stainless; however, I can only find replacement in Chrome. Do you think the original is Chrome? Does it matter?