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Question by Michael Y.

My super automatic is only a few weeks old, but it seems to always think the dregs drawer is full now. No matter how many times I empty and clean it keeps giving me the message that the dreggs drawer is full. How do I get past this?

Question by Gia B.

Do you offer service support for a non-functioning Gaggia Compact?

Question by Oliver A.

When I power the machine on, lights 27 (water droplet), 23 (small cup) and 24 (big cup) blink simultaneously. I believe I need to fill the water circuit, as this is the first time I've used the machine. If I follow the instructions in the manual: fill the water tank and turn the hot water/steam...

Question by Jeremy H.

This pertains to our Gaggia Super Compact steaming wand - I wanted to see if there was a way to upgrade to the Stainless Steel frothing wand assembly from the Super Compact Digital?

Question by r S.

For home use which is better, the digital or compact? What does the price differential account for?

Question by SUZANNE B.

What is the body of the machine made of? Plastic or metal?