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Tech Tip: Gaggia Unica Grinder Clean and Calibrate

If you have a Gaggia Unica and you hear the grinder running but it's not sucking the beans in and not dispensing any coffee - this video is for you. Todd from Whole Latte Love shows you how to clean and calibrate the grinder in the Gaggia Unica. He takes you through the process from start to finish in great detail. Gaggia Unica Espresso Machine:

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Coffee Tech Tips: How to Solve Brew Group Position Issues

This video covers causes, prevention and fixes for brew group out of position issues on Gaggia Platinum and Gaggia Unica espresso machines as well as the Saeco Odea and Talea machines.

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HOw do you descale the unit? Does the descaling solution go in the water and get filed with water? And then which is...

  Lauren (25 pts)        Jan 19, 2013

HOw do you descale the unit? Does the descaling solution go in the water and get filled with water? And then which is the hot water function?

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Morgan introduces the Gaggia Unica

Created with ease-of-use and convenience in mind, the Gaggia Unica is equipped with everything you need to go from bean to cup. It has automated grinding, tamping and brewing capabilities as well as has a straight-forward interface perfect for home use. Reasonably priced, the Unica makes the most of its small footprint, integrating solid features such as a ceramic burr grinder, 15 bar pump, swivel base, removable brew group and Pannarello steam wand. This well-rounded espresso machine...

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