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How to Make a Double Chocolate Mocha: What's Brewing #52

Morgan shows you how to make a Double Chocolate Mocha. The ingredients you will need are: one double shot of espresso 1 cup steamed milk 1 tbsp white chocolate syrup 1 tbsp chocolate syrup Whipped cream and chocolate shavings to garnish

Chocolate and Coffee: The Best of Both Worlds

Today there's definitely some cause for celebration; it's National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! Now, as much as we love chocolate here at Whole Latte Love, we love chocolate and coffee even more. So, in honor of this delicious day, we've got a recipe for you that combines the best of both...

Recipe - Chocolate Peanut Butter Frappe

In this video I'll be putting together a chocolate peanut butter frappe. This drink was a customer favorite at the coffee shop I used to own. Enjoy!