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Quick Tip: Coffee Grinder Terminology

In the market for a coffee grinder but aren't sure what to look for? Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love go over some basic grinder terminology to help you understand what to look for in a coffee grinder. Explore grinders here:

Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder in Black

The Mazzer Mini was originally designed for commercial use but with today's high-end kitchens and discriminating customers, the Mazzer Mini has moved into the home. If you're looking for a grinder that can grind to any specification such as espresso or drip coffee, the Mazzer Mini with its...

Dosing and Doserless Grinders

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! In a similar vein to my last blog where I talked a bit about the difference between single and double shot baskets, I figured today I’d cover another more technically aligned topic suggest to me by Kathy. Recently, she’s gotten a few emails asking about...

Quick Tip: Tuning Grind Size on Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

Learn the secrets to tuning the grind size adjustment on a super-automatic espresso machine. The grind size is set differently depending on the beverage you're making and the type of coffee used. These tips help you tune it properly and get the best flavor from your beans.

Quick Tip: Burrs for Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders can use flat or conical burrs made of steel or ceramic materials. Is one type of burr better than another? Which is better ceramic or steel burrs? Find out as Whole Latte Love takes a quick look at burrs. Shop everything coffee here:

Question by Jose G.

Thank you Mark, just one more. If you would to choose a grinder for the Silvia, will you paired it with the Vario or the Rocky. Thks

Question by Jose G.

Hello Mark, have you heard of any issues regarding the electronic display. Also, do you know how often will the rubber belt be replace?

Question by Seth E.

how well does it grind for espresso?

Question by Robin J.

Will this grinder do Turkish grind?

Question by Erich M.

I've had this grinder for about 3 years and use it mostly for French press. I've been very happy with its performance for my needs. I was grinding some beans for my morning coffee yesterday and the grinder started making a horrible, high pitched noise. It turns out, there was a small rock in the...

Question by Tim G.

I'm in the process of replacing my Breville 830 with the 840"Infuser". (the 830 has been having issues and Breville is replacing it) Can you recommend a grinder under $500 that will grind oily beans (Peets or SBUX Espresso Roast) fine enough to pull a great shot of espresso without...

Question by Renee L.

I just purchased the Preciso a few weeks ago. So far I have only used it for french press. For the first couple of weeks, I was having the best coffee I have ever had. The only way I can explain it is that it tasted exactly like fresh ground coffee smells. Suddenly, the coffee started tasting...

Question by D S.

how will this grinder do with a Rancilio Silvia Redesigned V3?

Question by D S.

I'm seeing a TON of refurbished Rocky Doser machines on the net period. Makes me wonder if this thing is reliable.

Question by Ty A.

I have a Breville double boiler, looking for a new grinder as this Cuisinart cant seem to grind fine enough. I am considering the Breville smart grind. Any recommendations?

Question by Mitchell K.

I can use this machine to grind both brewed coffee using a paper filter and espresso? I assume I cannot, if I buy the Rocky that predoses for espresso portafilters...?

Question by Mitchell K.

I've been using this grinder for about five years both to grind espresso and brewed coffee. Then today it suddenly stopped working properly. It's making an uneven, unusual noise, and grinding very finely. The grind isn't dropping into the hopper, but staying in burrs, then finally drops out in...