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Does this case come with the three dome pods?

Does this case come with the three dome pods?

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by: Fram7 (♥0) | Dec 22, 2013


Question by David D.

Can the Domepods be used in the Handpresso Auto? If yes, am I understanding correctly that I can grind my own favorite beans into these pods and then use the pods in the Handpresso Auto? Thanks!

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by: David (♥0) | Jun 14, 2013

The Wild Side of Handpresso Products

My mantra should be “Quality coffee: anywhere, anytime”. I love the convenience of using the Handpresso Wild E.S.E., with a multitude of pods ranging from Lavazza and Gaggia to Illy and Aloha Island, but I have just gotten the first opportunity to try Handpresso’s Wild Dome Pod model and have to...