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Handpresso Auto Coming to the US

Learn More about the HandpressoRoad trip! Morgan takes the new Handpresso Auto for a test drive. Unlike other Handpresso espresso makers, which are manually powered, the Auto is designed to be plugged into a standard 12-volt car socket.Check it out here

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Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker

Closer Look at this On-The-Go MakerMake quality espresso anywhere with the Handpresso Wild Hybrid! Now you can be an aspiring Barista while trekking or traveling, just about anywhere!Buy it here

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Coffee Gear for Brewing Outdoors

Explore the outdoors with coffee! Marc and Morgan from wholelattelove.com present the gear you need to brew and enjoy coffee or espresso outdoors. Perfect for brewing coffee when hiking, camping, boating or enjoying outdoor activities. Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/hario-canister-ceramic-coffee-mill Impress Coffee Brewer in Silver: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/impress-coffee-brewer-in-silver ROK Espresso Maker:...

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Tailgating Must Haves - Are You Ready For Some Coffee?

  Whole Latte Love        Accessories

With football season in full swing, we’ve got your tailgating coffee essentials covered. Whether you’re heading to the stadium or are simply on the go, you’ll be able to prepare your own beverages with little hassle. In the Car Pack the Handpresso Auto, Outdoor Set, and ESE pods for hot espresso on the go. The Auto is designed to plug right into your car to heat up and extract hot espresso using an ESE pod of your choice. The Outdoor Set comes with a handy thermos,...

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Handpresso Espresso Machine Review

Just Brew It: Handpress[t]o! Are you a coffee fiend who ventures far from their precious home espresso machine? Do you often stay in motels where coffee is more easily likened to dirty water, and half-way decent espresso is at least three towns away? Or maybe you like to camp, in which case you may be in for a long, hilly ocean laden trek to Italy--well the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Set might just be the answer to your caffeine deprivation. This portable espresso machine is...

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Espresso in the Sky with Crema!

  ToddS        Coffee and Espresso

You gotta love being able to brew an espresso--no matter where you are, and that's exactly what the Handpresso was created for. Imagine carrying boiling water to the top of the 120-meter Olympic ski jump in Lake Placid to brew an espresso. Check out the commentary by Jack, the five year old. It makes a very good shot!

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The Wild Side of Handpresso Products

Handpresso Goes Anywhere My mantra should be “Quality coffee: anywhere, anytime”. I love the convenience of using the Handpresso Wild E.S.E., with a multitude of pods ranging from Lavazza and Gaggia to Illy and Aloha Island, but I have just gotten the first opportunity to try Handpresso’s Wild Dome Pod model and have to say that I am now truly in awe of Handpresso’s products and engineering. I really like the freedom that I have with my Wild E.S.E., but the idea...

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How to make "perfect" coffee camping

  Tracys        Coffee and Espresso

Brewing Outdoors It’s that time of year again, when we load up the car with the kids and our weekly supplies to venture out in the great outdoors. One of the challenges is how to produce a good cup of coffee when there is no access to electricity. Some may think that is a challenge that cannot be met; however there are several good solutions on the market today. Several companies have created products that do not require electricity, to make great coffee. You can choose from a...

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