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Tailgating Must Haves - Are You Ready For Some Coffee?

With football season in full swing, we’ve got your tailgating coffee essentials covered. Whether you’re heading to the stadium or are simply on the go, you’ll be able to prepare your own beverages with little hassle. In the Car Pack the Handpresso Auto, Outdoor Set, and ESE pods for hot...

Question by Mark F.

I have the Handpresso Wild and am interested in converting it to the Hybrid so I can also use ground coffee. Can the Hybrid parts be ordered to convert? Thanks.

Question by Edward J.

Wow! My harley has a 12V receptical, but a battery smaller than a car. Can I use this with my Harley? I'm concerned about the battery drain. How many watts does this consume per espresso?

Camping With Coffee

Deep in the woods, the stars above, and the hard ground underneath. Yes, my friends, it's that time of year again. When we throw ourselves at nature's mercy, risking exposure, bear attacks, and poor cell reception in the name of character-building outdoorsy fun. That's right, it's time, yet...

Question by Thomas M.

Is there a 110 adaptor for using it in a hotel room.

Question by Jannea S.

Can this use grounds too? ..or just E.S.E. pods?

New Handpresso Auto Coming to the US

Road trip! Morgan takes the new Handpresso Auto for a test drive. It's an espresso maker for your car. Buy it here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/Handpresso/handpresso-auto.cfm Unlike other Handpresso espresso makers, which are manually powered, the Auto is designed to be plugged into a...

Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker

Make quality espresso anywhere with the Handpresso Wild Hybrid! Now you can be an aspiring Barista in the office, on holiday, on weekends, at the beach, while trekking or traveling, just about anywhere! Buy it here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/Handpresso/hp-wild-hybrid.cfm It's so easy!...