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Pour Over Demystified

I hear this question a lot: what’s so different about pour over, anyway? It seems like an awful lot of work for your coffee. Well, I can see how it would seem intimidating, and I can certainly relate to feeling impatient when it comes to my morning coffee--but pour over brewing does have a...

By Hannah
Coffee in the Office - Part 3

In our last blog we talked about grinders, and now we’re going to look at some great brewing methods to make exceptional coffee for one.  I still think one of my favorite ways to brew coffee for one or, perhaps two if you are willing to share is the French press. It is extremely...

Coffee in the Office - Part 2

Preparing your own coffee at work can be fun and also very useful. In my opinion it can really help you have a better day at work. I Why not start a trend if the coffee at work does not please you? There are many ways to do this; let’s start with drip coffee. I will walk you through some...

Grind on the Go!

In the market for a small footprint, high performance grinder at a low cost? The Hario Skerton grinders are amazing! The burrs are ceramic and allow you to grind fine enough for espresso and coarse enough for French press. These grinders are perfect to travel with and simple to use anywhere....


Question by Marcel D.

What size filter does one use with one of these?

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by: Marcel (♥5) | Sep 08, 2013


Question by Stephen M.

Will you make a video showing how this works?

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by: Stephen (♥105) | Aug 26, 2013


Question by Courtenay V.

Can piping hot coffee be poured into this without cracking?

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by: Courtenay (♥0) | Aug 12, 2013

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper from Whole Latte Love

Featuring high quality construction the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper from Whole Latte Love is designed for manual, pour-over style coffee brewing and it is perfect for two cup brewing. Large curved ridges on the inside of the cone aid in the control of water flow as it interacts with coffee grounds....