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Making It With MaryAnn - Coffee with an Irish Twist

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than with an Irish recipe? Irish Coffee anyone? The recipe is quite simple; a splash of coffee, some whiskey and a smidge of Guinness. But! There are other ways to shake things up and that’s what I’ll be sharing...

Join the Dark Side! Coffee, Acid Reflux, and N-MP

It’s always nice when I get to use science to explain things, especially when it’s stuff that can have an impact on peoples’ day to day lives. Recently I’ve come across a few articles on the subject of dark roast coffee and it’s relation to acid production in the...

By Nick B

Can these be used in the Gagia for Ily machines?

Can these be used in the Gaggia for Illy machines?

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by: Jay (♥0) | Sep 02, 2013

History of the Mug

Before you take another sip of your coffee, read on to discover the illustrious history behind the mug in your hand. Our predecessors probably probably drank out of mugs tediously carved from bone or wood. The oldest mugs discovered by archeologists date back to the Neolithic Stone Age, some...

Single-Serve Coffee Cups and Capsules Go Eco-Friendly

Ask the experts and many of them will tell you the same thing: the single-serve coffee category is hotter than freshly brewed java. Fueled by convenience, the time-saving system that lets users prepare drinks by the cup is gaining popularity worldwide. Yet, since their inception, single-serve...