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What  warranty is available on the S9?  What warranty can you offer on a refurb?  Is there aftermarket (like Squaretrade) protection available?  I've devided this is the model I want - I am just not sure how best to purchase it.  Do you have any specials availble...

Jura-Capresso Brand by Whole Latte Love

David from Jura talks to Whole Latte Love about the brand. Jura-Capresso has focused on producing espresso machines that provide the utmost in quality and innovation. Forged as a union between Swiss-born Jura and US Capresso, the company has been making historic products ever since its inception...

Question by Kristi J.

We are thinking about purchasing the S9 for our house, but would LOVE to be able to try it out before buying. How could I find a place that carries the Jura S9 - perhaps a specialty coffee house in my area?

Question by Geoff C.

I am really pleased with my machine. The only problem I have is that the froth does not seem to be dense enough when making cappuccinos. I have the pro frother.