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Question by Nicholas T.

Is there a semi-automatic function on the la Valentina Automatic, or does everything have to be programmed?

Question by Kevin W.

I have this machine ,just got the news that my medic can't fix is it worth sending it t you or 1st line to rebuild a new one.The problem I had was were it was warmed up water was leaking inside and they said boiler was pited,what do you think about 7 yrs old I am considering Alex. Or ecm german

The La Valentina Automatic Espresso Machine

The La Valentina Automatic Espresso Machine is great for home or commercial use. It is extremely well engineered and has many commercial components. This machine is compact and highly efficient. I feel confident when I recommend the La Valentina Automatic and my faith has been validated by the...

Question by Robert F.

After 2 years of use, it is taking longer to heat and froth milk. What once was 50 to 60 seconds is now 75 to 80 seconds. I have cleaned the brew head regularly, but cannot find any instructions on cleaning or descaling the boiler, etc. What steps should I take? Thanks