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Lavazza Coffee: Roasting, Selection & More

Learn more about Italy's favorite coffee from Andre Fucci, a Regional Sales Manager for Lavazza. Buy Lavazza here: Lavazza's seeds were planted in 1895 when a small grocery store in Northern Italy was purchased for a mere $20. Today, Lavazza is...

Lavazza: Committed to Training Worldwide

Which has more caffeine, espresso or drip coffee? Get the answer and learn about Lavazza's worldwide training operations from Salvatore Foto at Lavazza USA's headquarters in NYC. Buy Lavazza here: Find Lavazza Training centers:...

Lavazza: History & Brand

Learn about the Lavazza brand as we visit the headquarters of Lavazza USA. Lavazza, founded in Turin, Italy, in 1895, has been family-owned and managed since its inception. Today, Lavazza is Italy's favorite coffee, one of the leading brands in Europe, the sixth largest roaster in the world...


Question by Kay F.

Are the lavazza blue capsules interchangeable with the Keurig Rivo? We just purchased the Rivo, and dissapointed that their coffee selection isn't larger. Tks!

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by: Kay (♥5) | Feb 05, 2013