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Question by Stefano M.

my machine seems not to heat enough to extract coffee correctly. It can make hot water and steam but when I make coffee the coffee only come out barely warm. What can it be?

Question by David C.

I am using Filicori capsules in my Espresso Point machine and my shots are only about half the size as they are with the Lavazza capsules. I also noticed that I am getting a lot of water in the drawer. I assume there is a pressure relief valve after the flow meter that is bypassing the excess...

Question by Jeannine P.

my Lavazza espresso point machine will not power on. Fuses look good. My power cord is only about 8 months old. What else do you think it could be?

The Lavazza Espresso Point

The Lavazza Espresso Point machine is a great machine, if you are looking to make quality espresso without having to grind and tamp. The Lavazza Point uses Lavazza capsules, so brewing a shot has never been easier. Just insert the capsule into the machine, press the desired button and you will be...