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Works for Saeco Incanto?

Does the Mavea Intenza Water Filter work for all Saeco machines? We have the Incanto

Question by Bohdanna H.

I purchased a Gaggia Accademia a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. Recently the symbol came up 'decalcification'. My helpful husband (who never reads instructions) poured the entire decalcifier (which came with the machine) into the water tank without taking the filter out first. ...

Question by Wendy L.

How long is the filter good for?

Question by Jeffrey G.

Will this filter work with a Gaggia Evolution? Do the tubes connect to it and it sits in the tank?

Question by Beata V.

Is there another comparable but less expensive filter for the Gaggia Accademia? Reading the reviews, there are different less expensive options for the decalcifier. The reviews seem to confirm that they all work pretty well. Can anyone confirm? Also, help with the milk carafe cleaner please. I...

Question by Barbara W.

I understand from the other comments that an in-reservoir filter is unnecessary if I start with filtered water. Just to make sure: does that mean that using water from my Britta pitcher to fill the reservoir is sufficient? If not sufficient, I suppose I would still need the Mavea filter.

Question by Barbara W.

I understand from the comments here that an in-reservoir filter is unnecessary if I start with filtered water. Just to make sure: does that mean that something like a Britta filter is sufficientin other words that filling the reservoir with water from my Britta pitcher will do? Or do you mean...

Question by Brian H.

Does this product fit an Evolution? How do I install it?

Question by rod p.

Will the inteva filter fit the Saeco Vienna Superautomatica SUP 018 ?

Question by Jason T.

Is this the filter for the Gaggia Titanium?

Question by Marya L.

Does this work for Platinum Vogue? It looks completely different than the filter it came with.

Question by Maria G.

Hi: I am waiting for my new Gaggia Brera to arrive, my very first espresso machine, yeah. I'd like to know if I need a filter or if the filtered water out of the refrigerator is sufficient? Looking forward to your answer!

Question by Anna O.

Hi, I've just purchased Gaggia Brera, my order is still processing. This is my first espresso machine and I'm wondering if I needed to include this filter in my order. We use filtered water for cooking and drinking, the filter is installed under the sink in the kitchen. Do I still need to use...

Question by David S.

Will the Mavea Itenza Water Filter work in the Gaggia Syncrony Compact tank, I believe the tank is called a Saeco Charisma Water Tank...??