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Quick Tip: Steaming Prep & Clean-Up

Here are some quick tips on what to do before and after steaming milk on your espresso machine. Shop everything coffee here:

Quick Tip: What's Best - Brew or Steam First?

Do I brew espresso or steam milk first? This is a common question when making milk based espresso drinks. Here are some quick tips on what to do. Shop everything coffee here:


Best Frothing on Expresso Machine??

Hi, we have had several different machines over the past 12 years....we started with a Rancillio and then moved on to the super automatics and currently have a Saeco Syntia SS.  Each machine we have had makes excellent expresso, but falls short in the frothing area.  My husband wants...

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by: Steph (♥0) | Nov 17, 2013


Question by Andrea R.

I assume one can use warm or hot milk (heated in another container, as I don't have a microwave). Do you know whether the frother works better with cold or heated milk? Thanks!

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by: ARzondzinksa (♥0) | Oct 12, 2013

Tailgating Must Haves - Are You Ready For Some Coffee?

With football season in full swing, we’ve got your tailgating coffee essentials covered. Whether you’re heading to the stadium or are simply on the go, you’ll be able to prepare your own beverages with little hassle. In the Car Pack the Handpresso Auto, Outdoor Set, and ESE pods for hot...


Question by lesley m.

beside the price what is the difference between the jura-capresso froth tec automatic milk frother and the jura pro

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by: lesley (♥0) | Aug 03, 2013

New From Bodum!

I'm always excited when I get to write about new items, which is why I was really jazzed, this week, when we got some new stuff from Bodum. First are a pair of new pair of French presses, the Crema and the Eileen.The elegant Crema is a classic example of Bodum's intelligent and...

By Nick B

Question by Todd P.

The light on my milk island remains red consistently, even when the carafe is placed completely down. I've had the machine for two years, never had a problem. I clean the carafe after every use.

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by: Todd (♥5) | Mar 23, 2013


Question by jackie m.

i have lost the part that steams the milks. Is there a way I could order just that small part?

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by: jackie (♥15) | Dec 03, 2012

Bonjour Mini Milk Frother: What's Brewing #31

Buy it here: The Bonjour Mini Frother whips a delectable froth right in your cup! Make delicious cappuccinos, lattes and mochas in seconds. Whip up lush, fluffy milk foam to top off your hot chocolate or coffee for a gourmet drink...

How To Attach a Pannarello Wand

Are you having difficulty frothing milk with your pannarello wand? Have you had issues with your pannarello wand slipping off during use? This video will help you solve the problem. Learn how to properly attach and clean a pannarello wand for steaming and frothing milk so you can make a...

How to Froth Milk with a Pannarello Wand

Todd & Morgan from show you how to froth and steam milk using a pannarello wand. Buy the wand here: