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Quick Tip: Standard vs Pressurized Filter Baskets

Learn about the difference between a standard filter basket and a pressurized filter basket and when to use them. Buy filter baskets here:

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Coffee Tech Tips: How to Solve Brew Group Position Issues

This video covers causes, prevention and fixes for brew group out of position issues on Gaggia Platinum and Gaggia Unica espresso machines as well as the Saeco Odea and Talea machines.

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3 Way Solenoid Valve

If you have a budget semi-automatic espresso machine, you pull a shot and remove the portafilter you may notice it’s like the machine sneezed out a messy, muddy mix of coffee water and grinds.  Maybe you’ve seen how easily a freshly brewed but dry coffee puck knocks out of a portafilter on other machines and you’re wondering why you’re stuck bashing your filter over and over.  No matter what you do and what you try, it always comes out a...

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What Should You Be Looking For In A Portafilter?

Portafilters hold the coffee when making espresso and come in a variety of styles; single spout, dual spout and bottomless. Some are light, some are heavy, some have straight handles and some are angled. Portafilter Types:  Spouts come in single and double and can be made of plastic or metal. Higher end metal spouts may have an open design allowing you to get a better look at the espresso as it moves from the portafilter to your cup. Weight is an important factor. Heavier...

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Quick Tip: Burrs for Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders can use flat or conical burrs made of steel or ceramic materials. Is one type of burr better than another? Which is better ceramic or steel burrs? Find out as Whole Latte Love takes a quick look at burrs. Shop everything coffee here:

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Coffee Tech: Brew Pressure Gauge on E61 Portafilter

Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love show you a portafilter with an attached brew pressure gauge designed to work with E61 brew groups. Learn how to use it to verify proper brew pressure at the brew group and monitor pressure when making adjustments. Buy it here:

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Quick Tip: Why Descale?

Extend the life of your espresso machine by regularly descaling. See your machines manual for info on how often to descale and what products to use. Find cleaning products for your espresso machines here:

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Inside a Heat-Exchange Boiler: We Cut One in Half!

Using a Sawzall, Todd cuts open a heat-exchange boiler from a semi-automatic espresso machine. See what's inside and learn how it works. Shop Everything Coffee: *Do not try this at home.

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