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Question by Stefano M.

What's in your opinion a better choice for an upgrade from my Gaggia evolution, the Pasquini Livietta or the Rancilio Silvia?

Question by Marc M.

Does the Livietta come with all necessary parts to use with ESE pods, or is that a separate part/kit? If separate, what is the cost?

Question by Philip R.

Hi, our 1984 Livietta quit pumping and instead of repairing, we are looking at a new machine. What is the purpose of backflushing on the T2? I have learned on my old Livietta that I must flush the screen after every shot that I pull, in order to keep the screen from collecting ground coffee...

Question by Chelsea F.

Hi-- it's really great to be able to ask questions, thanks in advance! I am a former barista, so I feel like my standards for a home machine are probably too high for my price range. I love that I can steam and brew at the same time with this machine. How does its quality compare with the Gaggia...

Question by Fred C.

What is the process or proceduse for cleaning the boiler on the Livietta? How often should it be cleaned? We make 50-75 cups per month. City tap water used.

Pasquini Livietta - Review

Things I like about this machine: Ability to brew and steam simultaneously: The Livetta allows you to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously by using two thermal block boilers (one boiler for brewing and one for steaming) and two pumps. This feature is great when you want to...