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Question by David L.

When do you expect to have this machine in stock?

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by: David (♥0) | Sep 25, 2013

Question by Garth G. in Houston...have the Pasquini Livia 90S DE machine...6-7 years old....on start up...water starts coming out....and sometimes will not shut off unless it is unplugged...we shut it off...turn it back on/off several times and it seems fine...if we leave it on, it is fine...where is the...

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by: GManHouston (♥0) | Sep 14, 2013

Question by Fred C.

What is the process or proceduse for cleaning the boiler on the Livietta? How often should it be cleaned? We make 50-75 cups per month. City tap water used.

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by: Fred (♥25) | Dec 04, 2012

Maintaining Your Espresso Machine - Backflushing

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