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my spout broke off! and i need help! i bought this from you years ago...

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by: Claudia Young (♥0) | Sep 05, 2014


Grind Settings - Rancilio Rocky

What are the recomended grind settings for espresso, pour over, and french press?

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by: Jonathan Tauberg (♥0) | Mar 06, 2014


Grinder Noise

I have a Gaggia MDF and the noise is making my household crazy.  I have a Silvia ( with a DIY PID ) and roast my coffee.  I'm pretty happy with the grind of the MDF, but would like something quieter.  I've wondered abou tthe Rocky.  Thoughts?  Thanks 

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by: Sutton Hamilton (♥0) | Feb 20, 2014


I have a Baby Gaggia and hate the steam wand attachment. Is there any extentsion or kit to make the steam wand "old school?"

Hate the wand attachement.  I cannot be the only one.  Would like to go "old school" with the wand.  Is an extentsion possible?

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by: Steve (♥0) | Jan 05, 2014


Question by Mitchell K.

I can use this machine to grind both brewed coffee using a paper filter and espresso? I assume I cannot, if I buy the Rocky that predoses for espresso portafilters...?

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by: Mitchell (♥0) | Jul 27, 2013

Popular Home Use Coffee Grinders

Morgan and Marc help guide you through picking a coffee grinder. Features of 6 popular grinders are reviewed. Whether you're looking for an entry-level grinder or semi-professional, they have a recommendation for you. Baratza Encore:...


Question by Carlos C.

The advertisement for this grinder indicates that is has a removable bean hopper. Can you buy additional hopers to easily change different beans?

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by: noname (♥20) | May 08, 2013


Question by Gary D.

I have had my grinder since 2008 and have not had any problems with it. Paired with my Gaggia Classic, I have been a happy espresso drinker for many years. I would recommend the grinder as a reasonbly priced machine for the espresso officianado. While the majority of time and depending on the...

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by: Gary (♥20) | May 02, 2013


Question by Peter C.

I have a 10-year old Rocky (doserless). It has been great once I learned how to dial in for variation in beans, taste, etc. Unfortunately, it suddenly stopped working completely, suggesting some sort of electrical fault. I have removed the bottom of the unit and can identify the main electrical...

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by: DrSteel (♥15) | Jan 09, 2013