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Warrant valid in Canada?

Hi there! If I had this shipped to Canada, do you know if the warranty would be honoured or would I have to ship to the states?

How much space is there between the coffee spout (where it drips from) to the base?

Some of these makers don't have enough room for a decent size coffee mug.  

Question by Al H.

Does the conical burr grinder work better than the ceramic one for dark espresso roast beans?

Question by William W.

Do you have to use the stainless steel vacuum milk container or will any container work for the froth express?

Question by Scott B.

1) Who does the refurbishment, the manufacture or Whole Latte Love? 2) If needed who performs a future warrantee service?

Question by Ryan R.

Where do you buy the pictured stainless steel vacuum milk container?

Question by Monika M K.

What is the warranty on this refurbished Jura-Capresso C9?