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Espresso Master Series: Rocket Espresso Machine Design

Detailed Look at this BrandAndrew Meo discusses what Rocket Espresso is all about when it comes to machine design. Rocket Espresso has always used commercial components and technically meticulous construction. The thermal stabilty, architecture and body work of Rocket Espresso machines make them stand apart from their competition.Look at the Rocket Espresso Brand here.

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Inside the Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Sneak Peak of this new MachineThe craftmanship inside of the Rocket R58 Dual Boiler espresso machine is beautiful. Learn about the Rocket Espresso team that created this great machine from Todd and Marc at Whole Latte Love.Check out the upgraded model here

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Espresso Machine Review: Rocket R58 Dual Boiler

Get a Detailed Look at this Rocket Model!We are the first in the US to carry the Rocket R58 Dual Boiler espresso machine. This Rocket Espresso model will provide a life-time of quality service with excellent performance and quality drinks.Check out the newer version here

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Rocket Espresso Milano R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The Rocket Espresso R58 semi-automatic espresso machine is creating a stir among savvy consumers around the world as they eagerly await its 2012 debut showing off its dual-boilers and dual PID temperature control sensors. Rocket Espresso has always used commercial components and technically meticulous construction and continues that tradition in the creation of the R58.

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Espresso Master Series: Rocket Espresso's Andrew Meo

Andrew Meo, partner/owner at Rocket Espresso, talks about what it takes to make good espresso. Rocket Espresso is a partnership between New Zealanders Andrew Meo and Jeff Kennedy and Italian Daniele Berenbruch. Berenbruch's father was the inspiration behind legendary machines built by Italian company ECM in the 1980's. More to come!

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Blast Off! The Rocket Espresso R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

To me, there's something really special about plumb-able machines. They represent a commitment to making the espresso machine a permanent part of your home and a part of your life, in addition to being a homage to the dedication of the people who make them. All of this of course rings true with the new Rocket Espresso R58 Espresso Machine. Stylish, and superbly functional, the Rocket Espresso R58 was the perfect way to kick off my foray into the world of semi-automatic espresso...

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