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Sneak Peek: The Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2

Get a Quick Look at this Semi-Automatic.The Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2 semi-automatic espresso machine is among the most exciting prosumer espresso machines to date. With commercial sensibilities and world-class construction, this prosumer unit seamlessly merges form and function to deliver a top-of-the-line home brewing experience. Learn more about the Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2 Shop all Rocket Espresso Products

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The Rocket Espresso Story

Learn about this Sleek Brand.Three espresso enthusiasts – Jeff Kennedy, Danielle Berenbruch, and Andrew Meo – decided to “give a new lease on life” to the domestic products ECM had created, starting with the Cellini and the Giotto. These prosumer machines boast commercial grade features, like lead-free copper boilers, Faema E61 brew-group, No-Burn Stainless Steel Steam Wand, quiet pumps, Sirai pressure stats, and stainless steel and chrome construction while still embodying a classic Italian...

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Rocket Espresso R58 V2

This Semi-Automatic has been Ugraded!Incorporating feedback from their best customers, Rocket Espresso introduces the next iteration of their famous R58 espresso machine, the R58 V2. The Rocket Espresso R58 semi-automatic espresso machine created a stir among savvy consumers around the world in 2012, with its dual-boilers and dual PID temperature control sensors. Rocket Espresso has always used commercial components and technically meticulous construction and continues that tradition with the...

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Espresso Master Series: Rocket Espresso Machine Design

Detailed Look at this BrandAndrew Meo discusses what Rocket Espresso is all about when it comes to machine design. Rocket Espresso has always used commercial components and technically meticulous construction. The thermal stabilty, architecture and body work of Rocket Espresso machines make them stand apart from their competition.Look at the Rocket Espresso Brand here.

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Inside the Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Sneak Peak of this new MachineThe craftmanship inside of the Rocket R58 Dual Boiler espresso machine is beautiful. Learn about the Rocket Espresso team that created this great machine from Todd and Marc at Whole Latte Love.Check out the upgraded model here

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Espresso Machine Review: Rocket R58 Dual Boiler

Get a Detailed Look at this Rocket Model!We are the first in the US to carry the Rocket R58 Dual Boiler espresso machine. This Rocket Espresso model will provide a life-time of quality service with excellent performance and quality drinks.Check out the newer version here

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Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus

Closer Look at this Semi-AutomaticThe latest addition to the performance-driven Rocket Espresso Giotto line, the Premium Plus retains many of the commercial components and functionality that made its predecessor a favorite with espresso enthusiasts.Check it out here

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Rocket Espresso Evoluzione Review

Count Down to Great Coffee It's hard to find quality workmanship nowadays, but Milan-based Rocket Espresso delivers just that—handmade machines that look like a dream and perform even better. Armed with a mission to revive the legendary ECM home espresso machines, namely the Cellini and Giotto models, Rocket Espresso continues to innovate and build upon its rich heritage. This brings us to the company's newest debuts, the exceedingly impressive Cellini and Giotto...

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