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Question by John T.

What is the height of the Exprelia when the top access doors are open? Also, what is the front to back length of those access doors. Thanks

Question by Glenys R.

Hi I wanted to know if anyone else has had trouble with the milk carafe and the small tube? Have inserted this in the carafe but the milk spits out everywhere when you dispense. Want to use as the milk comes out hotter. Any ideas?

Question by Eric C.

Any differences between the Saeco Exprelia and the Delonghi Perfecta or Magnifica? Also, which one would you recommend and why?

Saeco Exprelia Espresso Machine Review

Buy it here: The Exprelia fulfills the desires of Italian coffee lovers. The integrated automatic milk function creates the perfect milk foam for a Cappuccino and thanks to the patented Saeco Brewing System (SBS), coffee lovers can change...

Quick Look: Saeco Exprelia Espresso Machine

The design of the Phillips Saeco Exprelia is modeled on extensive interviews with Italian baristas who shared the essential secrets to perfect espresso: At least 7 grams of high quality coffee beans. Accurate grinding; not too coarse, to permit best moistening, nut not too fine, and with a...