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Question by richard f.

my giro plus has been leaking coffee for awhile --- now it is too much to deal with. Looks to be from behind the brew group. Maybe 2 small o rings on the nozzle behind the brew group and connects to it. Is that like or do i have another problem?

Question by Valerie C.

Can I use ground espresso instead of beans in the odea giro plus?

Question by Yoseph G.

A few questions regarding this machine: 1) How does the wand perform? Is there any chance for latte art? Also, can you "upgrade" with other wands? I saw that the Gaggia Latte art wand works on the Vienna Plus, for example. 2) Putting price aside, would you go with the Vienna Plus or...

Question by G W.

Do u guys ship products to Canada.Does ur free shipping apply if I buy a product over 50 dollars.

Question by Jennifer G.

My espresso machine is not working! :'( I was having a problem with the frother and putting the attachments back on in the right way but now when I make espresso's, it just drips out, it's very dark and takes much longer. What am I doing wrong? I've rinsed the brew group. I don't think I...

Question by Greg G.

Somebody I know who has also one of these machines told me that they use beans intended for "coffee" instead of espresso. I noticed that there are warnings against using dark or oily beans with this machine - is that a difference between "coffee" and "espresso"...