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Question by Michael F.

Is it possible to buy an extended Warrantee from Whole Latte Love with this product? 2yr?

Question by Antonio C.

In your description of this unit you stated "you can vary the water volume up to 7 ounces and the grounds up to 9 grams". However, this unit lacks the button to adjust the amount of grounds (as found in the Odea Giro). Are you sure your statement is accurate? Thanks

Question by G W.

How many ounces does the saeco brew in one cycle, and can the ounces be adjusted , if so wat is the maximum and minimum ounces you can brew .

Saeco Odea Go Eclipse super-automatic espresso machine from Whole Latte Love

Created with convenience in mind, the Saeco Odea Go Eclipse features a removable reservoir with an integrated Intenza water filter for fresh, pure beverages. This unit also has a Pannarello steam wand to deliver café quality milk for cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes and other specialty drinks as...