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Question by Lori C.

The manual recommends cleaning the upper part of the steam wand weekly. The lower part of the panarello comes off easily for cleaning. The illustration depicts a downward pull on the upper part, but that isn't working for me. I've tried pulling, twisting, jiggling, but it won't come off and I'm...

Question by Stu G.

The frother is making stiff milk foam, how do I get it to make steamed milk with less foam?

Question by Stu G.

Hello, the steam wand on mine makes too much foam. Is there a technique I should use to make steamed milk with just some foam?

Question by Maria B.

I'm looking to purchase this machine for our office of about 100. Would you recommend? Any advice?

Question by Darren G.

Hi, Is it normal for the drip tray to contain water after making coffee, or is it just supposed to collect the stray drip from the coffee dispensing head? Thanks.

Saeco: Syntia Focus Quick Look

The Saeco Syntia Focus super-automatic espresso machine has one-touch buttons for espresso or long coffee. A dial on the front lets you select between steaming milk or dispensing hot water. This machine features a 9 oz. bean hopper, ceramic disc grinder with five grind settings and a bypass doser...

Saeco: Syntia Focus Espresso Machine Review

Buy it here: The Saeco Syntia Focus is a powerful super automatic espresso machine in a compact frame, created to maximize user convenience. With high-end features like Rapid Steam, Optidose and Aroma Systems, as well as one-touch...