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For the Saeco Convenience... Set Up Your Very Own Brewing Profile!

If you like extensively programmable machines with a one touch brewing option, the Saeco Xelsis is for you! The Xelsis has about a hundred and one setting options, including: grind, temperature, water volume, espresso dosage, custom drinks, milk volume, automatic power on time, and more. Sound like a lot? Well multiply all that by seven, because you can put settings in place across seven individual profiles, so it’s great for a household of coffee drinkers or a small office. Xelsis...

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Saeco Minuto Class Review

In Depth look at the Saeco Minuto Class Today we’re taking a look at the Saeco Minuto Class. It’s a machine that’s worth a look for someone who’s considering a capsule machine for the convenience of a quick cup of coffee, but also wants the ability to make espresso, cappuccinos and lattes. This machine has a lever that switches between a high pressure espresso brewing process and low pressure pulse brewing for a milder cup similar to drip coffee. So with the...

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Xelsis Evo Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Review

The Super-Automatic is Evolving The “Evo” in Xelsis Evo stands for evolution. Saeco listened to user feedback and made a couple of improvements since the last version. Most notable is the milk carafe. A comment we hear often is users want their milk froth hotter, so Saeco redesigned the carafe to do just that. Multi-user The Xelsis Evo is a multi-user machine, which means up to 6 users can program their drink preferences for 7 drinks. Users are identified by a symbol so...

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Gran Baristo Review

Get Grand with the Gran Baristo Saeco’s Gran Baristo line was released in the States near the end of 2014. With these machines, they strived to give consumers a compact, one-touch superautomatic with a few twists in the way of features. Perhaps the most exciting addition to the list of features on the Gran Baristo and Gran Baristo Class is going to be their variable brewing pressure. What I mean by that is not only can they brew at the necessary 9 bars of pressure for espresso,...

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In-Depth: Saeco Minuto Class Espresso Machine

A fusion of convenience and flexibility, the innovative Saeco Minuto Class is both an espresso machine and a single-cup coffee brewer. It's all thanks to the innovative dual pressure level, which is used to transition the machine from one brewing mode to the other. When the lever is flipped down, the machine brews like any of Saeco's super-automatic machines. But when the lever is flipped up, the Minuto switches to a low pressure pulse brewing mode that extracts a milder beverage, similar to...

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How To Choose a Fully-Automatic Espresso Machine - Countertop Cafe

Learn about the systems and features of Fully-Automatic Espresso Machines. Morgan and Mark from Whole Latte Love take an in-depth look at the capabilities of machines which make delicious cafe quality beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and some of the best coffee from whole beans at the touch of a button.

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Best Value Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

Marc and Morgan take a look at two fully automatic espresso machines that are easy to use, reliable and represent a great value. With the Gaggia Syncrony Logic RS and the Saeco Vienna Plus (discontinued product check out the other Gaggia products!) you can prepare cafe quality drinks right at home! Gaggia Syncrony Logic: Saeco Vienna Plus:

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NEW Saeco Gran Baristo for the Modern Espresso Drinker

After 28 years Saeco seeks to redefine the bean-to-cup experience with the Gran Baristo Super-Automatic espresso machine. Slimmer, faster, and more efficient than any of their previous machines, the Gran Baristo is designed to address the needs and wants of the modern espresso drinker. With variable pressure brewing, 16 one-touch drink specialties, an improved water system, and simplified maintenance, the Gran Baristo is a machine that will elevate your standards of quality at a price that...

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