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Sugar in Your Coffee: What's the Big Deal?

Having seen the topic come up several times in recent articles, I figured I’d bring it to our community, sweetening your coffee. Turning the clock back to the magical days of my youth, I remember a time when I couldn’t possibly have drank coffee black, the way I drink it today. It...

Question by CAROLYN L.

Is the consistency of the Sugar-Free Crème Caramel a syrup or a sauce?

Treat Yourself! Cinnamon Bun Latte

It's always exciting when we get new products, but it’s even more exciting when I can use them for recipes! So, I was obviously delighted when I discovered that we had not one, but three new varieties of Monin syrups that we would be adding to our repertoire of flavors: Cinnamon Bun, Banana...

Question by Karen B.

Is the bottle plastic, or glass?

Treat Yourself! Skinny Latte

With the New Year comes new goals and like many, I’m aiming to get fit and drop a few pounds. For me, it‘s all about making exercise a priority and changing my diet to opt for healthier versions of the things I consume on a regular basis. This year, I’ve started off in full force at the gym and...

How to Make a Double Chocolate Mocha: What's Brewing #52

Morgan shows you how to make a Double Chocolate Mocha. The ingredients you will need are: one double shot of espresso 1 cup steamed milk 1 tbsp white chocolate syrup 1 tbsp chocolate syrup Whipped cream and chocolate shavings to garnish

Monin French Vanilla Iced Latte: What's Brewing #21

Morgan show you how to make a French Vanilla Iced Latte with the New Monin French Vanilla Syrup. Buy here:

Gingerbread Latte Recipe

Morgan and Whole Latte Love blogger, Nick, show you how to make a Gingerbread Latte on the Gaggia Baby.