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Milky Way Cappuccino

As big a fan as I am of specialty and third wave coffee, every now and then I like to indulge in some cream and sugar. To that end, I've turned one of my favorite candy bars into a cappuccino. I'm happy to present the Milky Way Cappuccino, this simple drink only has...

By Nick B
Introducing the New WholeLatteLove.com!

Hi everyone, It’s always exciting when I get to announce something cool, and today I’ve got something awesome to tell you about. Chances are pretty high that you’ve noticed a couple of changes to your place for Everything Coffee. Behind the scenes we’ve been working...

By Nick B
Why Shop Whole Latte Love?

Whether you're a newbie or a skilled barista, Whole Latte Love has everything you need and want to know about espresso machines, coffee makers, coffee grinders, espresso coffee and drip coffee. We hope you stop by www.wholelattelove.com for all of your coffee needs! Visit us here:...

Whole Latte Love Mother’s Day Recipe Contest

Like heirlooms, treasured recipes get passed down from generation to generation, building memories at every turn. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re asking you to share your family’s favorite coffee or espresso-related recipe for a chance to win a Keurig B31 Mini Plus in Platinum, a box of...

How to Make a Vanilla Soy Cappuccino

Morgan shows you how to make a Vanilla Soy Cappuccino on the Gaggia Brera espresso machine. She is using Pacific Natural Foods Vanilla Soy Blenders which creates a nice froth for cappuccinos. Gaggia Brera:...


Helo. I have a Brevile Cafe Roma. Would this work on my machine? Thanks, Ane

Hello. I have a Breville Cafe Roma. Would this work on my machine? Thanks, Anne

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by: Anne (♥0) | Feb 19, 2013


What is the height of the capucino cup?

What is the height of the cappuccino cup?

1 answers

by: William (♥5) | Feb 08, 2013

Which espreso bean brands are prefered?

Which espresso bean brands are preferred?

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by: Foats (♥20) | Jan 29, 2013


Is there a diference in shape in adition to size betwen these capucino and late cups? aren't late mugs a bit taler...

Is there a difference in shape in addition to size between these cappuccino and latte cups? aren't latte mugs a bit taller and conical? or are these the same shape just different size? thnx

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by: Sophie A (♥10) | Jan 02, 2013

Recipe: How to Make a Frozen Cocoaccino

Morgan shows you how to make a frozen cocoaccino at home. The ingredients needed are: 1 Double Shot of Espresso 3/4 Cup Milk 1 1/2 Cups of Ice 1 Tbsp. Cocoa Powder Dash of Vanilla Extract 3 Tbsp. Pure Maple Syrup See the Rancilio Silvia here:...

Hi are these beans suitable for a super automatic as mine can't have oily beans.

Hi are these beans suitable for a super automatic as mine can't have oily beans.

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by: Cliff (♥15) | Dec 16, 2012

Espresso Coffee for Good Crema: What's Brewing #54

If you are looking for espresso coffee that produces excellent crema, try Lavazza Super Crema or Malabar Gold from Whole Latte Love! Buy Lavazza Super Crema here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/products/lavazza-super-crema-whole-bean-espresso-coffee Buy Malabar Gold here:...