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Meet the Royal Line of Saeco Machines

If you didn't already know, people who love their espresso and coffee drinks really love their espresso and coffee drinks. Their allegiance to machine manufactures is equally as strong as well. Best sellers become that way because they fit a need and a want for a broad range of people. However, once in awhile, a machine comes along that many people wouldn't consider, but those that do take the step to purchase it fall in love and continue to buy them as each new model comes into our hands. No...

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Jura-Capresso's EC50: The overachieving little sibling

When Mary-Ann and I come into work and see a new machine sitting on one of our desks, we get pretty excited. Getting to be the first people here at Whole Latte Love to unbox and test a new product is a pretty great thing. This morning, it happened again! As we downed our first cups of coffee, we were told that we would be testing the new Jura-Capresso EC50 espresso machine and telling all of you about it. Aesthetically, the EC50 is simple and classic. It has no display, a single light, and a...

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Jura-Capresso’s ENA Micro 9: 007’s Newest Gadget

I’ve been on a 90’s rock kick lately, and Garbage has been in pretty (extremely) heavy rotation. Their James Bond theme “The World Is Not Enough” was on when I pulled into the parking lot this morning after stopping at the warehouse to pick up today’s new toy. The title line to the track is fitting for today, as I realized that the Espresso Machine industry is not unlike every other industry in that everyone is trying to outdo the latest and greatest. Whole Latte...

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