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Question by Angel L.

I find the coffee this machine produces not quite hot enough for my taste. Is there any way to raise the temperature? My other machine has a heat exchanger and thermosiphon system and it takes at least 30 minutes to warm up. This one says it is ready to go 20 seconds after I turn it on. It...

1 answers

by: Angel (♥15) | May 08, 2013

Question by Angel L.

Questions not answered in the manual. (1) As mentioned in one of the reviews, there is a little bit of "play" in the grind adjustment. I mean, there is some movement which doesn't feel like it is changing the setting while it takes quite a bit of force to move it outside this play. ...

1 answers

by: Angel (♥15) | May 06, 2013


Question by Angel L.

How long should one flush this machine once it has been idle? I've been reading the idea of the flush is to wait until flash steam is gone. With mine that seems to happen almost immediately and many times there is no steam at all but I don't have a temperature measurement to be sure.

1 answers

by: Angel (♥15) | Apr 19, 2013

Question by Angel L.

Just last week I bought a refurbished Expobar Lever from Whole Latte. Looking through your website I found some instructions for retrofitting the control board. Can you explain what that is all about? Does my machine have the old board or the new board? I know it does not have the second...

3 answers

by: Angel (♥15) | Mar 26, 2013

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