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I am an Italian resident in the USA with a wonderful American wife and we both are espresso lovers. I love mystery series books and soccer and Formula 1. I am a Sp. Ed teacher close to retirement with over 20 years of experience.


Question by Angelo P.

Hi guys, I am having some difficulty in making hot cappuccinos with my Jura EC-50. I always turn on the machine at least 20 minutes earlier; I always warm the cups by placing them on top; I steam the milk and brew the express and mix into the cups. The final product is never hot. I am trying by...

1 answers

by: Angelo (♥15) | Jul 16, 2013


Question by Angelo P.

I have a question regarding the cleaning process for my Jura EC50. I am using filtered water from a Brita pitcher. The water in Colorado Springs, as far as I know, does not contain a lot of calcium. How frequent should I use a cleaning product and which kind? Is there any way to tell when it is...

1 answers

by: Angelo (♥15) | Mar 09, 2013


Question by Angelo P.

Hi MJ, could you tell me what size of a frothing pitcher would fit my new Jura-EC 50. It is for two of us so not a lot of milk at the time. I am mostly interested in the height of the pitcher even though this one can be moved left and right. My wife and I like the Rattleware ones. Thank you, AP

1 answers

by: Angelo (♥15) | Feb 23, 2013

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