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The passion and energy for customer satisfaction here at Whole Latte Love fits my life philosophy and is very inspiring. I am a husband, writer, web developer, architect/builder, woodworker, gardener, fisherman, sailor, and coach.

Coffee, Kaffee, Caffe, Koffie, Kawa or Kopi

Rochester 12-28-2012 Whole Latte Love Coffee Compare-O-Matic - There are many different ways to say coffee around the world and many different coffees that are blended, roasted, ground and prepared to please specific tastes and palate desires. We are providing a cross section of what's...

By Archie
Bean Counting

Green coffee beans are usually shipped in 132lb bags, (60 Kilograms) and world-wide production statistics are compiled on the number of bags. World production for 2012 includes 88,818 bags of Arabica and 62,440 of Robusta. To give you perspective on worldwide coffee production and the...

By Archie
It's Press Time!

Since my co-workers are so much more adept at testing espresso machines, I took the opportunity to try brewing a cup of Americano coffee using the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. I have been intrigued with press-brewing coffee for several years now after first watching my friend Tracy using...

By Archie
Listening to the Customer

I always applaud those manufacturers who stay close to their product consumers and listen to feedback and suggestions on how to improve or enhance their offerings and communicate with customers as if they are talking to a friend. Too many times I have witnessed products that seem to have a great...

By Archie
The Coffee-Coyote

The icy Pacific Humboldt Current wells north from Chile and the Antarctic and the warm, tropical El Niño current moves south along the Ecuadorian coast. They meet off the coast of Peru and send misty Pacific rain clouds climbing 4 ½ miles up the slopes of the Andes, the highest...

By Archie
Washington, Lincoln, a song and a cup of Joe

Does anyone remember the old jump rope song Lincoln, Lincoln? It’s most peculiar, but every Presidents Day this tune gets stuck in my head for a while and I can’t remember why or where it came from. Lincoln, Lincoln I've been thinkin' What on Earth Have you been...

By Archie
Esther Howland’s Favorite Saint

When young Esther Howland, whose family operated a large bookstore in Worcester Mass, went off to the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, she didn’t have an IPod, a laptop, or even a walkman for entertainment. Instead, like her fellow student Emily Dickinson, she would have been reading about...

By Archie
But wait, you can paint with it too…

Rachel Ogden, an artist who uses coffee to paint various images, painted this portrait of Marmota monax, (Groundhogs, also known in some areas as Whistle Pigs), living in her backyard. It is a fanciful image invoking our celebration of Groundhog Day and the promise of spring to come. For me...

By Archie
Double bubble boil and no-trouble

I have always been fascinated by machines and have come to appreciate painstaking workmanship and carefully engineered and tested designs. Finding the very best quality design and craftsmanship at a reasonable cost in an espresso machine can be a daunting task. In some cases the beauty and...

By Archie
Maillard is not a duck, Lewis!

Part of the reason you can recognize the distinct flavor of a single-origin coffee or an espresso blend is due to a chemical process known as the Maillard Reaction. At the dawn of the 20th century young Louis Maillard was intently recording his studies of chemical reactions in foods as part of...

By Archie
The Coffee Sommelier

The room is calm and artfully lit. I am ushered to a table graced with clean white linens and fresh flowers. Others are sitting at similar tables around the room and there is a vista through large windows at one end of the room looking out over the night time city lights. Soft music is playing...

By Archie
Drip, Drip, Drip

If it were a faucet dripping in the middle of the night I would be annoyed, but if it’s the Hario Dripper, (sounds like the name of a WrestleMania champion), brewing a superb cup of coffee, not so much. Around the world the most employed method of making coffee drinks is the drip method....

By Archie
What's that smell?

So. You have been enjoying great espresso with your new machine for a few weeks and now you are starting to wonder what you need to do for regular cleaning. On your new semi-automatic espresso machine you’ve been rinsing and cleaning the portafilter and basket and the...

By Archie
Coffee and the fair-trade initiative

In 1981 Franz van der Hoff, a Dutch theologian and missionary, working with impoverished farmers in the Chiapas region of southern Mexico came up with several ideas to improve the farmers income by marketing Chiapas coffee as a premium brand directly to roasters. He helped the farmers form a...

By Archie
The voyage of Captain Gabriel de Clieu and 18,791,680 plants

Perhaps the most romantic figure in the world history of coffee is the French Captain Gabriel de Clieu. Described as dashing and handsome, he was also quite opportunistic. Gabriel joined the navy, steadily rose through the ranks, and by 1720 his career growth landed him the position of captain of...

By Archie
Without my morning coffee, I'm just like a piece of roasted goat fat ~ Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

Thank you Johann! My sentiments exactly! Although I really don't know if I ever saw a piece of roasted goat fat, the stark visualization of what I expect it to be like sums up how I feel about life before I have my morning coffee. Bach, the German composer, organist, harpsichordist,...

By Archie
Ooo Doot!

I was staying warm, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, and watching my wife through the window this chilly morning filling the frosty bird feeders in the back yard. I wondered where our “summer birds” were along their southern migration routes and envied their progression to warmer climes....

By Archie
Gugelhupf! (coffee cake?)

Recently we explored the origin of the term “coffee table”. (Whew, am I glad it was invented in time to have some place to put the remote, the TV Guide, and that book by Kramer about coffee tables). That got me thinking about other coffee named things that we take for granted but...

By Archie
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